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Bloomingdale Restaurants

Black Rock Bar & Grill

804 Providence Rd
Brandon, FL 33511
Phone number (813) 773-2455

If you are looking for an awesome dining experience, we have just the place for you. We highly recommend the Sirloin with sweet potato fries. The word delicious doesn't really cover how unbelieveable the food is that comes out of the kitchen here. And talk about customer service. You are going to feel like royalty during your experience as the attentiveness of the servers is just out of this world. The decor and atmosphere are top notch and you will definitely feel like you are able to take a breath and relax. Check it out one time and we promise you will be adding this location to your go to list.

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Genghis Grill

910 Providence Rd
Brandon, FL 33511
Phone number (813) 662-2695

If you love Mongolian barbecue style dining, Genghis Grill is a must-visit for you during your Limo Tampa Bay trip in the Bloomingdale area. Our customers who have special dietary needs have remarked that they really appreciate how customizable the dishes are here. You're literally crafting them from scratch from raw ingredients and then they cook them up for you to pure perfection. Meat, seafood, veggies, pasta, spices, etc. Whatever you want to pile on, pile it on and let those flavors add up to something magical. You really can't make a mistake, so get creative! If you're not brave enough for that, just grab a cheat sheet, a.k.a. their recipe cards! They also have some of the best edamame that we've ever tasted here, and a whole lot of our Limo Tampa Bay customers love to grab some "to go" to enjoy in the party bus! Open til 10 most nights and 11 on Fri/Sat.

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La Septima Cafe

702 W Lumsden Rd
Brandon, FL 33511
Phone number (813) 685-0502

A gorgeous and memorable Cuban/Spanish/Italian cafe that is located conveniently in the Bloomingdale area for our Limo Tampa Bay customers is La Septima Cafe! This is a family owned and operated establishment that is well worth your time. It's clear that they've put a lot of work into presentation here, making everything look lovely, including both your surroundings and the food itself! On Wednesdays, they have the amazing special of lobster tacos, and that is the thing that we really can't get enough of! The devil crabs are the best damn things we've ever tasted, pun intended, and the pallomilla steak is something that you will certainly want to indulge in if you're a beef lover! Amazing mojo sauce too! We could just go on and on about this place! The hours are a little limited here though, closed Sundays and open until 9 every other night of the week.

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Tropical Rhythm

871 W Bloomingdale Ave
Brandon, FL 33511
Phone number (813) 662-4358

Have you ever had Caribbean cuisine? Well, now is your chance. The kitchen staff here is known for their ingenuity and passion as well as for some very out of this world flavors. Choices abound as the menu lists everything from jerk chicken, curry goat, ox tails, stewed chicken and many additional great entrees. Don't worry, the prices are very reasonable and all of the menu items are cooked with great care. The environment is very warm and welcoming and we promise you that you will be smiling from the beginning of your experience to the time that you leave.

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The Bloomingdale area includes the following zip codes: 33511, 33596

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